Chapter 11 beggining

Chapter 11 beggining - • Sought to determine whether DNA...

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Chapter 11 pg. 234-253 Griffith: S cells put into mice reproduced and caused pneumonia R cells put into mice were not virulent Experiment: o Exposed heat killed S bacteria to live R bacteria – mouse died Conclusion: a transforming factor was causing heritable change Oswald Avery: Treated cells in a variety of ways – every time DNA was destroyed, transforming activity  was lost Hershey/Chase:
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Unformatted text preview: • Sought to determine whether DNA or protein • Proteins labeled with radioactive 35 S; DNA labeled with 32 P • Experiment: o Separately allowed both bacteriophage to infect the cell o Put each sample in blender; remove everything put what entered the cell o Centrifuged; heavier 32 P was found in the Pellet • Conclusion: DNA material was entering the bacteria...
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