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Lab Report Exp7 - Ryan Cohen Monday 6-8:50 pm Ms Sohn Lab...

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Ryan Cohen Monday, 6-8:50 pm 11/23/08 Ms. Sohn Lab Report The purpose of this lab is to apply the titration technique as a method in determining the composition of certain substances. The lab also introduced the use of standardization to get a more precise reading of concentrations in solutions for calculations. Ultimately, through the use of such methods, the percent acetic acid in vinegar is determined as well as the neutralizing capacity of a common antacid tablet. The first part of the experiment introduced standardization as a way to determine a more accurate reading of the concentration of a solution. In this experiment NaOH solution is standardized by titrating it with an acid, KHP. Essentially, a known mass of KHP is titrated in solution using 0.1% Phenolphthalein as an indicator. Once the acid-base equivalence point is reached, the volume is recorded. Finally, the Molarity of the NaOH solution is calculated by dividing the moles of NaOH reacted (figured by the moles of KHP reacted) by the total volume titrated. My results were relatively accurate. The three trials I calculated yielded Molarities of . 3095mol/L, .2961mol/L, and .2994mol/L.
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Lab Report Exp7 - Ryan Cohen Monday 6-8:50 pm Ms Sohn Lab...

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