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Chapter 1 Assignment & Discussion

Chapter 1 Assignment & Discussion - James De Leo...

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James De Leo 02/03/11 Marketing 100 Chapter 1 – Assignment & Discussion Define and prepare to discuss 1. Define Customer lifetime value (use exact textbook wording) - the value of the entire stream of purchases that a customer would make over a lifetime of patronage. 2. Define Customer equity (use exact textbook wording) - the total combined customer lifetime values of all of the company’s customers. Real Marketing 1.1 1. How has Green Gear Cycling cultivated customers? It cultivated customers through bike clubs, newsletters, Web forums, and a referral rewards program, it has built a community of delighted customer evangelists whose word-of-mouth testimony has proven more effective for the company than mounting an expensive advertising campaign. 2. What is Lynette Chiang’s job? Her job is Chief Customer Evangelist, which is to create customer delight and build customer relationships. 3. What are the features/benefits of the bikes that Bike Friday sell? Bike
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