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SSIE 566 Designing with Experiments Professor Susan Lu ecture 9 Lecture 9 Feb.28, 2011 Agenda actorial design z Factorial design –Factorial design with blacking –Summary of topics covered so far z 2 k factorial design g –2 2 factorial Design ctorial Design 3 factorial Design –General 2 k Design locks in a factorial design Blocks in a factorial design z There is nuisance factor which could be controlled in a factorial design z Model: Example: Two factors and one blocking factor (k blocks) ijk k ij j i ijk y ε δ τβ β τ µ + + + + + = ) ( ANOVA table j j j Example: An engineer is studying methods for improving the ability to detect targets on radar scope Two factors he considers to a radar scope. Two factors he considers to be important are the amount of background oise ( round clutter and pe of filter noise (ground clutter) and type of filter placed over the screen. There are three levels of ground clutter and two filter types.
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lecture-9-SSIE566-2011 - Binghamton University EngiNet...

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