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Capstone for CRT 205 - The information that I have obtained...

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o In the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that you: Read? Will help me to better understand and sort through the information that I am reading to have a more clear understanding. Write? Help me to convey information to help me relation better to my audience. The knowledge that I have gained will help me to pin point the exact information and audience who I am addressing. Helping me to be a more effective and relatable writer Process information? It helps me to process the information more effectively in both my writing and reading. Helping me to pick apart information to understand and process the information given to me. o Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: Articles- Helping me to pick a part what is factual and what may be blow out of context.
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Unformatted text preview: The information that I have obtained has allowed me to searching though the reading material and finding credible information from the information that might be personal opinion. Searching though the article and maybe have to read • Advertising- Help me to understand the message they are trying to get across to the viewers. • Media- Again, the information that I have obtained in this class will allow me to find credible information and disregard the information that is personnel opinion or belief • Conversations- Help me to relate more effectively with friends and family and associates. Helping me listen and process the information so that I can have a clear understand of what is going on....
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