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Assignment 1 173 Business Intelligence for Analytical Decisions Due before beginning of class, Wednesday, April 20, 2011 . This assignment must be completed individually. Submit a hard copy print-out at the beginning of class. Please include your name and student ID on the top left corner of the assignment. 1. Given the following four tables: Customer (CustID , CustName, AnnualRevenue, CustType) Shipment (ShipmentNumber , CustID, Weight, TruckID, DestinationCity, ShipDate) Truck (TruckID , DriverName) City(CityName , Population) The primary key has a solid underline and foreign key is dashed underlined. Answer the following queries with SQL script. Use the tables provided above. Please use correct syntax. You do not need MS Access to answer this question. DO NOT submit SQL copied from MS Access. 1) List the names of drivers who have delivered shipments for customers with annual revenue over $25 million to cities with populations over 3 million? 1 point SELECT Truck.DriverName FROM Shipment, Truck, City, Customer
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IndividualAssignment1-173 - Assignment 1 173 Business...

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