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(c) The angle relative to horizontal is 11 24.6 m/s tan 71.1 . 8.43m/s y x v v θ −− §· == = ° ¨¸ ©¹ We may convert the result from rectangular components to magnitude-angle representation: (8.43, 24.6) (26.0 71.1 ) v =−→∠ ° G and we now interpret our result (“undoing” the time reversal) as an initial velocity of magnitude 26.0 m/s with angle (up from rightward) of 71.1°. 46. Following the hint, we have the time-reversed problem with the ball thrown from the roof, towards the left, at 60° measured clockwise from a leftward axis. We see in this time-reversed situation that it is convenient to take + x as leftward with positive angles
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