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65. We first note that a 1 (the acceleration at t 1 = 2.00 s ) is perpendicular to a 2 (the acceleration at t 2 =5.00 s ), by taking their scalar (dot) product.: 22 2 2 12 ˆˆ ˆ ˆ [(6.00 m/s )i+(4.00 m/s )j] [(4.00 m/s )i+( 6.00 m/s )j]=0. aa ⋅= GG Since the acceleration vectors are in the (negative) radial directions, then the two positions (at t 1 and t 2 ) are a quarter-circle apart (or three-quarters of a circle, depending on whether one measures clockwise or counterclockwise). A quick sketch leads to the conclusion that if the particle is moving counterclockwise (as the problem states) then it
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