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78. This is a classic problem involving two-dimensional relative motion. We align our coordinates so that east corresponds to + x and north corresponds to + y . We write the vector addition equation as G G G vvv BG BW WG =+ . We have G v WG =∠ ° (. ) 20 0 in the magnitude- angle notation (with the unit m/s understood), or G v = 20 . # i in unit-vector notation. We also have G v BW ° ) 8 0 120 where we have been careful to phrase the angle in the ‘standard’ way (measured counterclockwise from the + x axis), or ˆˆ ( 4.0i+6.9j) m/s. BW v =− G (a) We can solve the vector addition equation for G v BG : ˆ ˆ ˆ (2.0m/s)i ( 4.0i+6.9j) m/s ( 2.0 m/s)i (6.9m/s) j.
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