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81. Here, the subscript W refers to the water. Our coordinates are chosen with + x being east and + y being north . In these terms, the angle specifying east would be 0° and the angle specifying south would be –90° or 270°. Where the length unit is not displayed, km is to be understood. (a) We have GG G vv v AW AB BW =+ , so that G v = (22 – 90°) – (40 37°) = (56 – 125°) in the magnitude-angle notation (conveniently done with a vector-capable calculator in polar mode). Converting to rectangular components, we obtain ˆˆ ( 32km/h) i (46 km/h) j . v =− G Of course, this could have been done in unit-vector notation from the outset. (b) Since the velocity-components are constant, integrating them to obtain the position is straightforward (
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