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69. (a) We quote our answers to many figures – probably more than are truly “significant.” Here (7682 L)(“1.77 kg/L”) = 13597 kg. The quotation marks around the 1.77 are due to the fact that this was believed (by the flight crew) to be a legitimate conversion factor (it is not). (b) The amount they felt should be added was 22300 kg – 13597 kg = 87083 kg, which they believed to be equivalent to (87083 kg)/(“1.77 kg/L”)
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Unformatted text preview: = 4917 L. (c) Rounding to 4 figures as instructed, the conversion factor is 1.77 lb/L 0.8034 kg/L, so the amount on board was (7682 L)(0.8034 kg/L) = 6172 kg. (d) The implication is that what as needed was 22300 kg 6172 kg = 16128 kg, so the request should have been for (16128 kg)/(0.8034 kg/L) = 20075 L. (e) The percentage of the required fuel was 7682 L (on board) + 4917 L (added) (22300 kg required) /(0.8034 kg/L) = 45%....
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