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a FFF m = −− = = 123 2 50 083 N3 0 N1 0 N 12 kg m/s .. (c) In this case, the forces G G FF 23 and are collectively strong enough to have y components (one positive and one negative) which cancel each other and still have enough x contributions (in the – x direction) to cancel G F 1 . Since G G = , we see that the angle above the – x axis to one of them should equal the angle below the – x axis to the other one (we denote this angle θ ). We require () 50 N 30N cos xx θθ −= + = which leads to = F H G I K J cos . 1 50 34 N 60N 71. The goal is to arrive at the least magnitude of G F net , and as long as the magnitudes of
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