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43. Perhaps surprisingly, the equations pertaining to this situation are exactly those in Sample Problem 6-9, although the logic is a little different. In the Sample Problem, the car moves along a (stationary) road, whereas in this problem the cat is stationary relative to the merry-go-around platform. But the static friction plays the same role in both cases
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Unformatted text preview: since the bottom-most point of the car tire is instantaneously at rest with respect to the race track, just as static friction applies to the contact surface between cat and platform. Using Eq. 6-23 with Eq. 4-35, we find s = (2 R/T ) 2 / gR = 4 2 R/gT 2 . With T = 6.0 s and R = 5.4 m, we obtain s = 0.60....
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