Ch06-p096 - 96 For the m2 = 1.0 kg block application of Newton's laws result in F cos T f k = m2 a FN F sin m2 g = 0 x axis y axis Since fk = k FN

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96. For the m 2 = 1.0 kg block, application of Newton's laws result in 2 2 cos axis sin 0 axis k N FT f m a x FF m g y θ −− = −− = Since f k = μ k F N , these equations can be combined into an equation to solve for a : 22 (cos sin ) kk m g m a μ = Similarly (but without the applied push) we analyze the m 1 = 2.0 kg block: 1 1 axis 0 k N Tf m a x Fm g y −= Using f k = k N F , the equations can be combined:
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