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1. (a) Noting that the vertical displacement is 10.0 m – 1.50 m = 8.50 m downward (same direction as G F g ), Eq. 7-12 yields 2 cos (2.00 kg)(9.80 m/s )(8.50 m)cos0 167 J. g Wm g d φ == ° = (b) One approach (which is fairly trivial) is to use Eq. 8-1, but we feel it is instructive to instead calculate this as Δ U where U = mgy (with upwards understood to be the + y direction). The result is 2 ( ) (2.00 kg)(9.80 m/s )(1.50 m 10.0 m) 167 J. fi Um g y y Δ= − = = (c) In part (b) we used the fact that U i = mgy i =196 J. (d) In part (b), we also used the fact
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