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27. We convert to SI units and choose upward as the + y direction. Also, the relaxed position of the top end of the spring is the origin, so the initial compression of the spring (defining an equilibrium situation between the spring force and the force of gravity) is y 0 = –0.100 m and the additional compression brings it to the position y 1 = –0.400 m. (a) When the stone is in the equilibrium ( a = 0) position, Newton's second law becomes net spring G Fm a g k = −= −− = 0 0100 8 00 9 8 0 (. )( .) ( . ) where Hooke's law (Eq. 7-21) has been used. This leads to a spring constant equal to k = 784 N/m. (b) With the additional compression (and release) the acceleration is no longer zero, and the stone will start moving upwards, turning some of its elastic potential energy (stored in the spring) into kinetic energy. The amount of elastic potential energy at the moment of
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