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(c) Now we have | x| = 0.040 m which is greater than x i , so this represents an increase in the potential energy (relative to what we had initially). Specifically, Δ U = 1 2 (3200 N/m)(0.040 m) 2 – 1.44 J = +1.12 J 1.1 J . 99. (a) In the initial situation, the elongation was (using Eq. 8-11) x i = 2(1.44)/3200 = 0.030 m (or 3.0 cm). In the next situation, the elongation is only 2.0 cm (or 0.020 m), so we now have less
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Unformatted text preview: stored energy (relative to what we had initially). Specifically, U = 1 2 (3200 N/m)(0.020 m) 2 1.44 J = 0.80 J. (b) The elastic stored energy for | x| = 0.020 m, does not depend on whether this represents a stretch or a compression. The answer is the same as in part (a), U = 0.80 J....
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