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licorice could “spring back” to its original shape. Still, to the extent that Uk x = 1 2 2 applies, the graph is a parabola (not shown here) which has its vertex at the origin and is either concave upward or concave downward depending on how one wishes to define the sign of F (the connection being F = – dU / dx ). (e) As a crude estimate, the area under the curve is roughly half the area of the entire plotting-area (8000 N by 12 mm). This leads to an approximate work of 1 2 (8000 N) (0.012 m) 50 J. Estimates in the range 40 W 50 J are acceptable. (f) Certainly dissipative effects dominate this process, and we cannot assign it a meaningful potential energy. 125. (a) The compression is “spring-like” so the maximum force relates to the distance x by Hooke's law: Fk
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