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14. (a) The phrase (in the problem statement) “such that it [particle 2] always stays directly above particle 1 during the flight” means that the shadow (as if a light were directly above the particles shining down on them) of particle 2 coincides with the position of particle 1, at each moment. We say, in this case, that they are vertically aligned. Because of that alignment, v 2x = v 1 = 10.0 m/s. Because the initial value of v 2 is given as 20.0 m/s, then (using the Pythagorean theorem) we must have 22 2 yx vv v =− = 300 m/s for the initial value of the y component of particle 2’s velocity. Eq. 2-16 (or conservation of energy) readily yields y max = 300/19.6 = 15.3 m.
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