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which yields F 2.8 × 10 4 kg. Since we are not at all certain of his mass, we express this as a guessed-at range (in kN) 25 < F < 30. Since F mg >> , the impulse G J due to the net force (while he is in contact with the water) is overwhelmingly caused by the upward force of the water: Fdt J = z G to a good approximation. Thus, by Eq. 9-29, Fdt p p m gh fi =− = z G G 02 di (the minus sign with the initial velocity is due to the fact that downward is the negative direction) which yields () 23 (70 kg) 2 9.8 m/s 12 m 1.1 10 kg m s. Expressing this as a range we estimate 33 1.0 10 kg m s 1.2 10 kg m s. ×⋅ < < ³ 25. We estimate his mass in the neighborhood of 70 kg and compute the upward force F of the water from Newton’s second law:
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