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26. We choose + y upward, which implies a > 0 (the acceleration is upward since it represents a deceleration of his downward motion through the snow). (a) The maximum deceleration a max of the paratrooper (of mass m and initial speed v = 56 m/s) is found from Newton’s second law Fm g m a snow max −= where we require F snow = 1.2 × 10 5 N. Using Eq. 2-15 v 2 = 2 a max d , we find the minimum depth of snow for the man to survive: () 2 22 5 max snow 85kg 56m s 1.1 m. 2 1.2 10 N vm v d aF m g == = × (b) His short trip through the snow involves a change in momentum
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