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46. We can think of the sliding-until-stopping as an example of kinetic energy converting into thermal energy (see Eq. 8-29 and Eq. 6-2, with F N = mg ). This leads to v 2 = 2 μ gd being true separately for each piece. Thus we can set up a ratio: © ¨ § ¹ ¸ · v L v R 2 = 2 μ L gd L 2 μ R gd R = 12 25 . But (by the conservation of momentum) the ratio of speeds must be inversely
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Unformatted text preview: proportional to the ratio of masses (since the initial momentum before the explosion was zero). Consequently, m R m L 2 = 12 25 m R = 2 5 3 m L = 1.39 kg. Therefore, the total mass is m R + m L 3.4 kg....
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