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(c) Let the speed of car B be v just before the impact. Conservation of linear momentum gives m B v = m A v A + m B v B , or v mv m AA BB B = + = + = ( (1100)(4.6) (1400)(3.9) 7.5 m / s. ) 1400 (d) The conservation of linear momentum during the impact depends on the fact that the only significant force (during impact of duration Δ t ) is the force of contact between the bodies. In this case, that implies that the force of friction exerted by the road on the cars is neglected during the brief Δ t . This neglect would introduce some error in the analysis. Related to this is the assumption we are making that the transfer of momentum occurs at one location – that the cars do not slide appreciably during Δ t – which is certainly an approximation (though probably a good one). Another source of error is the application
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