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101. The mass of each ball is m , and the initial speed of one of the balls is 1 2.2m s. i v = We apply the conservation of linear momentum to the x and y axes respectively. 11 1 2 2 2 2 cos 0 sin if f ff mv θθ =+ =− The mass m cancels out of these equations, and we are left with two unknowns and two equations, which is sufficient to solve. (a) The y -momentum equation can be rewritten as, using 2 60 θ and 2 1.1 m/s f v = , sin (1.1 m/s)sin 60 0.95 m/s. f v = and the x -momentum equation yields cos (2.2 m/s) (1.1 m/s)cos60 1.65 m/s. f v ° = Dividing these two equations, we find tan 1 = 0.576 which yields 1 = 30°. We plug the value into either equation and find 1 f v 1.9 m/s. (b) From the above, we have 1 = 30°, measured
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