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(f) With radians and seconds understood, the graph of θ versus t is shown below (with the points found in the previous parts indicated as small circles). 15. The problem has (implicitly) specified the positive sense of rotation. The angular acceleration of magnitude 0.25 rad/s 2 in the negative direction is assumed to be constant over a large time interval, including negative values (for t ). (a) We specify max with the condition ω = 0 (this is when the wheel reverses from positive rotation to rotation in the negative direction). We obtain max using Eq. 10-14: 2 2 o max 2 (4.7 rad/s) 44 rad. 22 ( 0 . 2 5 r a d / s ) α =− = (b) We find values for t 1 when the angular displacement (relative to its orientation at t = 0) is 1 = 22 rad (or 22.09 rad if we wish to keep track of accurate values in all intermediate steps and only round off on the final answers). Using Eq. 10-13 and the quadratic formula,
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