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Jenkins, John Chapter 8 - 16 Because ECP uses Direct Memory...

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1. Poor cable connections, EMI, Refresh Rate below 60 Hz. 2. Thoroughly rinse the keyboard with warm water and allow ample dry time. If that doesn’t work, replace the keyboard. 3. Remove the card from the expansion slot and press firmly with a screwdriver on the corners of each socketed chip. 4. Because in Safe Mode the Windows drivers are loaded minimally and screen resolution is set low allowing you to make changes if, for instance, the resolution setting is out of range. 5. Press F8 during boot and select Safe Mode. 6. Because an external modem is a large hardware device and an internal modem is simply an expansion card reliant on the system for its resources. 7. By USB, IEEE 1394 or Parallel Port 8. IRQ4, IRQ3, IRQ4, IRQ3 9. 640 X 480 10. 50 feet 11. The Reference Standard 232 revision c, an interface standard to which a serial port conforms. 12. 9 13. CCD (Charge-Couple Device) Scanner 14. This is a splitter, on a barcode reader using the keyboard port, which provides a keyboard connection. 15. Intel 82801EB LPC Interface Controller
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Unformatted text preview: 16. Because ECP uses Direct Memory Access and is faster than EPP. 17. If you have a resource conflict you can disable ECP, which will free a DMA channel, and use EPP without significant performance decrease. 18. In CMOS Setup 19. Windows 95 OSR 2.1, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP 20. Original = 12 Mbps – Hi Speed = 480 Mbps 21. 5 meters (16’ 5”) 22. 1394 and i.Link. 3.2 Gbps 23. Because AGP will ultimately be completely replaced by PCIe which is about twice as fast as AGP. 24. The possibility of false negatives or false positives. 25. Screen resolution, Color depth, Alpha blending 26. 17, 19 & 21 inches - Diagonally 27. Faster response time and a sharper image 28. Multiscan 29. Nine 30. None 31. If it is designed for safe and comfortable interaction with humans. 32. PS2 has 6 pins, DIN has 5. 33. Red, green and blue 34. .25mm because the dots are closer together allowing more detail which provides a sharper image. 35. Clean it....
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