ch11-p020 - 20. If we write r = x i + yj + zk, then (using...

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20. If we write G rxyz =++ ### i j k, then (using Eq. 3-30) we find G G r F × is equal to yF zF zF xF xF yF zy xz y x −+ di bg ## # . ijk (a) In the above expression, we set (with SI units understood) x = –2.0, y = 0, z = 4.0, F x = 6.0, F y = 0 and F z = 0. Then we obtain ˆ (24N m)j. rF τ =× = G GG (b) The values are just as in part (a) with the exception that now F x = –6.0. We find ˆ
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