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1 2 (0.500 rev)(2 rad/rev) 4.49 rad/s 0.700 s (1.00 rev)(2 rad/rev) 8.98 rad/s. 0.700 s π ω == Treating each arm as a thin rod of mass 4.0 kg and length 0.60 m, the angular momenta of the two arms are 22 2 11 1 2 2 (4.0 kg)(0.60 m) (4.49rad/s) 6.46 kg m /s (4.0 kg)(0.60 m) (8.98rad/s) 12.92 kg m /s. LI m r m r ωω = = = = From the athlete’s reference frame, one arm rotates clockwise, while the other rotates counterclockwise. Thus, the total angular momentum about the common rotation axis
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