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22. As shown in the free-body diagram, the forces on the climber consist of T G from the rope, normal force N F G on her feet, upward static frictional force s f G and downward gravitational force mg G . Since the climber is in static equilibrium, the net force acting on her is zero. Applying Newton’s second law to the vertical and horizontal directions, we have net, net, 0s i n 0c o s . xN ys FF T FT f m g φ == + ¦ ¦ In addition, the net torque about O (contact point between her feet and the wall) must also vanish: net 0 sin sin(180 ) O mgL TL τθ θ ° ¦ From the torque equation, we obtain sin /sin(180 ). Tm g θθ Substituting the expression into the force equations, and noting that
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