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(c) Considering again the combined A ∪Β system, equilibrium of horizontal and vertical forces readily yields H x = – F x = 797 N and H y = Mg F y = 931 N. In unit-vector notation, we have ˆˆ ˆ ˆ i j ( 797 N)i (931 N)j xy HH H =+= + + G (d) As mentioned above, Newton’s third law (and the results from part (b)) immediately provide – G x = – 797 N and – G y = – 265 N for the force components acting on B at the bolt. In unit-vector notation, we have ˆ ˆ i j ( 797 N)i (265 N)j GGG −= − − =− G 38. The phrase “loosely bolted” means that there is no torque exerted by the bolt at that point (where A connects with B ). The force exerted on A at the hinge has x and y components F x and F y . The force exerted on A at the bolt has components G x and G y and those exerted on B are simply – G x and – G y by Newton’s third law. The force exerted on B at its hinge has components H x and H y . If a horizontal force is positive, it points rightward, and if a vertical force is positive it points upward.
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