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102. Gravitational acceleration is defined in Eq. 13-11 (which we are treating as a positive quantity). The problem, then, is asking for the magnitude difference of a g net when the contributions from the Moon and the Sun are in the same direction ( a g net = a g Sun + a g Moon ) as opposed to when they are in opposite directions ( a g net = a g Sun a g Moon ). The difference (in absolute value) is clearly 2 a g Moon . In specifically wanting the percentage change, the problem is requesting us to divide this difference by the average of the two
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Unformatted text preview: a g net values being considered (that average is easily seen to be equal to a g Sun ), and finally multiply by 100% in order to quote the result in the right format. Thus, 2 a g Moon a g Sun = 2 M Moon M Sun r Sun to Eearth r Moon to Earth 2 = 2 7.36 x 10 22 1.99 x 10 30 1.50 x 10 11 3.82 x 10 8 2 = 0.011 = 1.1%....
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