ch42-p020 - 20. The binding energy is given by Ebe = ZmH +...

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Since 1 u is equivalent to 931.494013 MeV, E be = (2.051245 u)(931.494013 MeV/u) = 1910.722 MeV. Since there are 259 nucleons, the binding energy per nucleon is E ben = E / A = (1910.722 MeV)/259 = 7.38 MeV. 20. The binding energy is given by ( ) 2 be Rf Hn EZ mA Z m M c ∆= +− , where Z is the atomic number (number of protons), A is the mass number (number of nucleons), m H is the mass of a hydrogen atom, m n is the mass of a neutron, and
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