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(e) This is similar to part (d) above. Since only 1.00% of the 226 Ra remains, the ratio N 226 / N 210 is 1.00% of that of the equilibrium state computed in part (c), or (0.0100)(70.8) = 0.708. (f) Since the actual value of N 226 / N 210 is 0.09, which much closer to 0.0100 than to 1, the sample of the lead pigment cannot be 300 years old. So Emmaus is not a Vermeer . 74. (a) From the decay series, we know that N 210 , the amount of 210 Pb nuclei, changes because of two decays: the decay from 226 Ra into 210 Pb at the rate R 226 = λ 226 N 226 , and the decay from 210 Pb into 206 Pb at the rate R 210 = λ 210 N 210 . The first of these decays causes
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