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Homework Guidelines Engineers are ultimately evaluated on how well they communicate, i.e., how well they write, present, and speak. Accordingly, your homework will be graded as a technical document similar to one that would be presented in the work environment. Homework will be graded by the following criteria: 1. Neatness – should be on green engineering paper, should be written in fine-point pencil (no ink), pages should be stapled together in upper left-hand corner, should use good, legible handwriting 2. Clarity – should contain the problem statement (it is acceptable to photocopy or print the problem statement and tape it to your paper), all units should be included (ft, m, psi, Pa, etc.) and it should be shown how units cancel 3. Accuracy – solutions should be developed from the governing equations, equations should be referenced (textbook, page number, equation number), final answer should be boxed and should have the appropriate units.
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Unformatted text preview: Develop your equations in a linear fashion like you would see in a textbook, i.e., one equation follows another down the page. Be sure to reference any equations you use from the book. The following style is acceptable: p RT r = Eqn. 6.14, p. 182, Incropera or 2 2, 1 1, 1 ( ) t t H r V rV g w =-Eqn. 14-17, p. 759, Cengel Criteria 1 and 2 must be met in order for your homework to be graded. It will be up to the discretion of the grader as to whether or not these criteria are met. The grader has approximately 80 homework assignments to grade each week and will not have time to grade your homework if it is not neat and clear. If you do not meet these two criteria, your homework will not be graded and you will receive no credit for the assignment. Late assignments will not be accepted. One homework grade will be dropped to account for emergencies and unexpected events....
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