Chapter 14 examples

Chapter 14 examples - 74.5?" "l‘wn...

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Unformatted text preview: 74.5?" "l‘wn sum“ disks, A and B. of mass; 2.4 kg and 1.2 kg. mspcc— [E's-1:1}; can: slide on 1% horizontal, frittt'ir:}uh=:ss 51.11'11109. Tth um mmwctvd h}; :1 curd. 900 mm long, and spin L1m1ItE-fl‘CEurku-fifl about their mass center G at a run“. of‘ 8 rad/x. At t = U, the: L'OUJ'diI'ldti-‘S {If G are I'D m 0, fig == 2.48 m. and its \-‘{-‘h}(fii['_\-‘ is 1?“ 3 (1.92 m/sfi + (0.4-8 ill/5)} Shortly thm‘ezlfitrr the curd breaks; disk A is then ('Jhsen'ed to mow along a path purulh‘l [0 tl'li‘ y axis and disk B alng :1 path which intm‘secis {he 1: axis at al distant-<3 f) I 8 m {7mm {1 Delfil‘li'lilu,‘ (a) the \‘c-élocities (IPA and B after the cord hrmlks, (b) the? (U59 him-e u from tin: y axis to the path 01" A. if g: “7% l .5 '\. .\ j”; W\.uf3 .s ') W \ awe-'5; : i F! f J } U F REESE 14.48 Four small disks A B, C, and D can slide freely on a friction— less horizontal suriacc. Disks B, C, and D are connected by light rods and are at rest in the position shown when disk B is struck squarely 1)}? disk A which is moving to the right with a velocity V“ : ($38.5 it/s)i. The wcigl'its of the disks arc \er : l-VB : W}; :.]5 ll)? and W7” : 30 ll). Knowing that the velocities of the disks immediately attci' the, impact are VA 2 0, V}; = (10.5 tt/sfi, vc = mi, and v1) = Eni, determine (a) the speeds [in and {:1}, (b) the traction oithc initial kinetic energy of the six-stem which is dissipated during the collision. Fig. P14.47 and P14.48 U F “Fit??in ...
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Chapter 14 examples - 74.5?&amp;quot; &amp;quot;l‘wn...

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