Form 1 - This exercise is less about being accurate with...

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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA CGN2328 TECHINCAL DRAWING & VISUALIZATION DR. NAJAFI Form 1 Instructions Instructions: Page 1 AS WITH ALL FORMS, WHEN PRINTING THE PDF SET THE PAGE SCALING: NONE Fill in missing information (either ratio or scale), make sure to show your work. Make sure you watch your units! For missing scales, make sure you follow the correct format (1”:x for eng. and x:1’ - 0” for arch.) Then draw a dark line on the dashed line below the text that demonstrates the given distance according to the scale. Begin at the vertical line provided. Page 2 Using the information and examples presented in lecture, complete the 8 drawings (top and front views for 4 different objects).
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Unformatted text preview: This exercise is less about being accurate with measuring and dimensioning, and more about figuring out which lines are hidden, continuous or center linetypes. The front and top views are presented as blanks and only need to be filled in. Countersunk just means a big hole around a smaller hole, when you see the drawings it will make sense, if not, ask a TA. AS WITH ALL FORMS, POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR FREEHANDING Titleblock Information: Title: FUN WITH SCALES AND LINETYPES Name: Insert your name here Grade: Leave this blank, it is TA use only. Scale: AS NOTED Form: 01 Lab Section: Check your lab section (points will be deducted if this is not done)...
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Form 1 - This exercise is less about being accurate with...

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