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CGN 3421 - Computer Methods Gurley page 1 of 11 CGN 3421 - Computer Methods Class web site: www.ce.ufl.edu/~kgurl Class text books: Recommended as a reference Numerical Methods for Engineers ’, Chapra and Canale Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Class software: Required purchase from Tech Hub Mathcad 2000 (Circa labs and 200 Weil lab) Mathcad 2001 (current version available for purchase, differences from 2000 minimal for our purposes) Class Outline Learn fundamentals of programming skills in general and Mathcad in particular ~ 5 or 6 weeks Use Mathcad as a medium to investigate a variety of numerical methods of problem solving. The context will generally be civil engineering-type problems. A more detailed list of topics covered can be found in the syllabus, avaiable at the class web site: www.ce.ufl.edu/~kgurl -->classes/syllabi The Programming Process 1) Read problem statement 2) Identify given input and variable input 3) Identify required output 4) Map a path from starting point to ending point 5) Write a pseudo-code in words to describe the process 6) Solve a simple example problem by hand or calculator or spreadsheet 7) Write the Mathcad worksheet (program) 8) Test the code with the example problem from step 6, verify the result 9) Be sure to test each of the desired features of the program. Never assume the answer out is correct
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