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Calculation of Total Score 2009

Calculation of Total Score 2009 - Calculation of Total...

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Calculation of Total Score The following is a more detailed description of how to calculate your total course score than the one given in  the syllabus. Quizzes best 3 of 4  @ 50 points each  = 150 points Exams best 2.5 of 3  @ 150 points each  = 375 points Final                     @ 200 points  = 200 points Total 725 points So, take your best 3 Quiz scores, add your two best Exam scores, add half your worst exam score, and add your  Final score, and this total will be your total score for the course. The maximum possible score is 725. 
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  • Spring '07
  • veige/martin
  • Harshad number, Maximum possible score, best exam scores, worst exam, half worst exam, worst exam score

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