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Final Exam Location 2009 - collected without one WARNING...

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CHM 2046 FINAL EXAM Saturday , Apr 25, 2009 5.30 - 7.30 pm You must go to the room indicated below, based on your Section Get there at least 5 minutes early The Following Sections: go to PUGH, Room 170 The Following Sections: go to FLINT, Room 50 The Following Sections: go to FLORIDA GYM, Room 230 Make sure you know : --- where the exam is --- your UFID --- your section number Bring to the exam : --- a calculator --- a #2 pencil (and spare, or sharpener) --- a picture I.D. (your exam will not be
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Unformatted text preview: collected without one) WARNING : Other CHM 2046 Final exams by other Professors are at the same time – make sure you go to a Christou exam! SECTION PERIOD ROOM TA 2037 F-3 LEI 207 McGee 3709 F-1 LEI 242 McGee 3726 F-2 FLI 115 McGee 3749 F-5 MAT 103 McGee SECTION PERIOD ROOM TA 2067 F-4 LEI 242 Pompeu 6158 F-5 LEI 242 Pompeu 6217 F-7 LEI 242 Pompeu 3826 F-5 MAT 9 Zheng SECTION PERIOD ROOM TA 6152 F-9 LEI 242 Zheng 6177 F-8 LEI 242 Zheng...
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