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105_14-glaciers_part_3 - Glacial Deposition Moraines...

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Unformatted text preview: Glacial Deposition Moraines: Moraines: elongate till deposits at the end, underneath, or along the sides of glaciers Lateral Lateral – along sides Medial Medial – in center End End – at terminus Ground Ground – underneath ErraticErraticice transported boulder not derived from underlying bedrock. Glacial Deposition Glacial Glacial Till – Lateral and medial moraines Lateral and medial moraines, Alaska Glacial Deposition Glacial Glacial Till – End Moraines Tongas National Forest, Alaska 1 Glacial Deposition Glacial Till Ground moraine Thin, extensive layer or blanket of till deposited as ice melts. Lateral moraine Ground moraine Glacial Deposition Drumlins: moraines reshaped by glacier into elongated, spoon shaped hills Glacial Deposition Outwash – Meltwater from the zone of ablation runs downhill from the terminus of a glacier – This running water is choked with glacial sediment, forming a braided stream – Streams deposit sediments in wellwellsorted and layered deposits Glacial Deposition Outwash features – Esker – long, sinuous ridge of sediment deposited in tunnels within or underneath glacial ice 2 Formation of Eskers Glacial Deposition Outwash features – Kettle – depression in the outwash plain formed by the burial of a block of ice – Kame – low mound or irregular ridge made of outwash deposited up against a block of ice Effects of glaciation Sealevel Sealevel change Last glacial maximum U.S. coastline change Glaciers and Glaciation Chapter 14 3 ...
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