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Revenger_s_Tragedy_summary sbs - The Revengers Tragedy,...

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The Revenger’s Tragedy , scene-by-scene 1.1 Vindice’s opening soliloquy. Holding Gloriana’s skull, first image is a reminder of death. Hippolito enters to say he’ll recommend him to the Duke. Their mother, Gratiana, and sister, Castiza, enter; they discuss Junior Brother’s rape of Antonio’s wife and the Duke’s responsibility in their father’s death. Vindice goes to disguise. 1.2 Duke, his son Lussurioso, his bastard son, Spurio, Duchess and her two sons Ambitioso and Supervacuo enter. Her third son, Junior Brother is on trial for rape. Spurio has private encounter with the Duchess. Scene ends with his soliloquy. 1.3 Vindice, in disguise, and Hippolito, attend Lussurioso who employs him as pimp. Says he wants the daughter of Gratiana (Castiza, their sister). Vindice’s aside “Oh, my sister, my sister!” Agrees to do it. Scene ends in his aside, “Now let me burst! I’ve eaten noble poison….their blood!” 1.4 Antonio tells of his wife’s suicide. Piero and Hippolito swear revenge for him. 2.1 Castiza with Dondola, her mother’s gentleman usher. Vindice, disguised, makes indecent proposal from Duke’s son, she hits him. Gratiana enters, Vindice gives her a letter, then money, she tips him and turns over Castiza to
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Revenger_s_Tragedy_summary sbs - The Revengers Tragedy,...

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