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VIAR_121_E1_SP08_SG_Chapters_1-2 - Pigment medium/vehicle...

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VIAR 121: Art History Survey I Spring 2007: MWF 10 Dr. Volkmar Exam 1 Study Guide You are responsible for knowing terms and ideas, names of significant individuals, and the names of artist/architects, titles of works, and style/culture period of works. You may be asked to: select the correct term, idea, or person’s name from a list of terms, ideas, or names if given a definition of a term or idea, or the contribution of a significant person; select the correct definition or accomplishment from a list of definitions or accomplishments if given a term or idea, or name of a significant person; identify the style/culture period of an artist/work if shown an image of and given the name of an artist, the title of a work, or both; identify the important concept or attribute of an artist and work from a list of concepts/attributes if shown an image of and given the name(s) of an artist and/or work. CHAPTER 1: TERMS prehistoric Paleolithic Neolithic Subtractive/Additive process Sculpture in the round/Relief
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Unformatted text preview: Pigment, medium/vehicle, binder, Carving/Modeling palimpsest Sympathetic Magic Shaman, animism Wandjina Dream Time Menhir, dolmen, cromlech, trilithon, megalith Solstice, equinox CHAPTER 1: WORKS Venus of Willendorf Bison Bison , Altamira, Spain Hall of Bulls , Lascaux Chinese Horse , Lascaux Saharan Rock Painting , Tassili Wandjina Dolmen , Carnac, Brittany Stonehenge CHAPTER 2: TERMS Mesopotamia Tigris & Euphrates Potter’s Wheel City-State Inanna (Ishtar) Register Pictograph Cuneiform Epic of Gilgamesh 1 Hierarchical proportion/scale Lapis lazuli Stele Shamash Zoroaster Apadana Bas-relief CHAPTER 2: WORKS Plastered Skull Catal Huyak Goddess Giving Birth Statues from Abu Temple Lyre & Soundbox Head of Akkadian Ruler Victory Stele of Naram-Sin Statue of Gudea Ziggurat at Ur Code of Hammurabi Stele Hunting Lions Dying Lioness Lamassu Ishtar Gate Beaker Stag from Kostromskaya Apadana of Darius Bull Capital Rhyton 2...
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VIAR_121_E1_SP08_SG_Chapters_1-2 - Pigment medium/vehicle...

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