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EGYPT outline READINGS: Fiero, Vol 1, chapter 2 I. Egypt – 5000 years of civilization “Gift of the Nile” (Herodotus) Predictable Prosperous Stable Easily defended “Resurrectionists” Optimistic view of the afterlife Eternal life for pharaoh, the god-king Later extended to any Egyptian who knows the formula (Book of the Dead) If you pass the tests, you will live forever just as you lived on earth, but better Mummification Preserve the body, to preserve the soul Science and technology of mummy-making Most of what we know about Egypt comes from tombs Religion Polytheism Benevolent gods (mostly) Osiris-Isis-Horus, and Set Importance of ritual (e.g. The Book of the Dead) Art The Importance of tradition Art as a window on the Other World, a way of reaching the Afterlife Art as a way of reaching and controlling the next world “You CAN take it with you” Writing as Art Hieroglyphics (sacred writing) The Rosetta Stone (discovered in 1798) Pharaoh God-king: rules in the place of Horus Ma’at (peace, stability, order, balance – UNCHANGING) Dynasties and brother-sister marriages II. Chronology Seems older than Mesopotamian civilizations, but in fact is slightly younger PreDynastic and Old Kingdom (2686 to 2125 b.c.)
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Pharaoh and unification of the state Narmer Palate, c. 3100 b.c. Pyramid building Religion: pharaoh, son of the god, will resurrect Middle Kingdom (2055-1650 b.c.) “Resurrectionists”: Afterlife for all who can get there? Mummification
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8_EGYPT_outline - EGYPT outline READINGS Fiero Vol 1...

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