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13_Rome_Funny_Thing notes and assignments - 13 GRECO-ROMAN...

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13 GRECO-ROMAN Notes and ASSIGNMENTS ASSIGNMENT: GRECO-ROMAN DO NOT SIMPLY CUT AND PASTE ANSWERS. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. IF YOU WISH, YOU CAN MAKE SKETCHES. BASE YOUR ANSWERS ON YOUR TEXT, LECTURES, AND YOUR OWN RESEARCH [BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE SOURCES OF YOUR INFORMATION, WHETHER AS WEB LINKS OR AS TEXT] 1. Choose three Roman instruments. Describe them, and the sound they made. How are they similar to instruments of older cultures? What part did they play in Roman life? 2. Who invented the water organ? How did it work? What part did it play in Roman life (how, when, and why was it played)? And what song is being sung in the link provided on Moodle? 3. Compare Greek and Roman theater. What did they have in common? How did they differ? What’s the connection between Greek culture and Roman culture? 4. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” is a modern musical comedy but many of its characters and situations are taken from the plays of Plautus and other Roman comedies. Describe two of these characters, and two of these situations, AND compare them with modern examples from movies or TV ( DO NOT SIMPLY QUOTE THE DESCRIPTIONS BELOW) http://ancienthistory.about.com/library/weekly/aa101497.htm Characters in Roman Comedy [ex George E Duckworth, Roman Comedy ] Male household members (by [www.imagi-nation.com/moonstruck/clsc21.html] Plautus [254 - 184 B.C.] and the 1963 Tony Award winning writers) are divided into adulescens [youth ], senex
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13_Rome_Funny_Thing notes and assignments - 13 GRECO-ROMAN...

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