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15_Early_Christian - Humn 151 Early Christianity I Judaism...

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Humn 151 Early Christianity I. Judaism, Christianity, and Rome Judaism Temple (sacrifice) Synagogue (teaching) Home Church (prayer, sabbath ceremony) Dissident groups (eg Essenes) VIDEO: Dead Sea CD: Rannanu (Sing with Joy), Text from Qumran Cave 4 Songs of the Sabbath Jesus of Nazareth Itinerant rabbi, wrote nothing Seen as Messiah Claimed equality with the Father (Trinity) CD: Abwoon (Aramaic, “Our Father”) “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” Melody in the ancient Dorian mode The Romans “Palestine” (from Philistines) Jewish Wars, c. 70 a.d. Jerusalem, destruction of Herod’s Temple [PIC] Masada Diaspora II. Christianity Stands Alone Paul Racial inclusiveness Circumcision problem Expulsion from the synagogues “The Way” and the Home Church Music in the Home Church: The Psalma Who joined (and why)? Underclass Women Gentiles attracted to Judaism Stoic philosophers III. The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church When and why persecuted Peter and Paul in Rome Ignatius of Antioch (Church Fathers) Felicity and Perpetua
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