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15 ASSIGNMENT Early Christian, Part 1 1. Discuss the relationship between early Christian music, and music of the Temple, synagogue, and home church in the Jewish tradition around the first century. Use your lecture notes, as well as what you have learned from Sounding the Divine Program 2. Pay particular attention to: Sabbath ceremonies and songs The traditions of the Essenes at the Dead Sea community 2. Identify these three men, and discuss their connection with early Christian music. If you decide to do further research on them, include the title and/or web address
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Unformatted text preview: of your sources. Ambrose [who was he? When and where did he live? What controversy about music was he part of? How and why did he decide that Christians should use music?] Ephrem the Syrian [who was he? When and where did he live? How did he use music? Can you see any connection with the way that Ambrose used music and hymns?] Boethius [who was he? When and where did he live? What is he most famous or? What did he contribute to the development of music in the west?]...
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