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BARBARIANS: GERMANIC, ASIATIC, AND CELTS Fall of Rome Collapse of Roman Empire in the West and rise of the barbarian cultures. Some of these invading tribes would be Asiatic (the Huns); others would be an ancient people from the fringes of Europe (the Celts) and – the ones who pushed hardest against Rome – the various Germanic tribes. GERMANIC BARBARIANS 1. YouTube Playlist: Barbarians #1, battle between Romans and Germans That day in the 5 th century a.d. when the Roman line defending the Rhine broke, and the Germanic barbarians swarmed over into the empire. Whether or not the Germans intended to destroy the Empire, they certainly changed it. FIERO: Book II, chapter 11, esp. 68-74. Germanic Barbarian culture: Tribal, and nomadic Based on war – led by a chief and his war band Heroic virtues: courage, loyalty to the band Law is local, a collections of customs, not universal Germanic Barbarians will become Christians (of a sort) BARDS, SCOPS, and STORYTELLERS BEOWULF An epic, in the tradition of Homer Tales sung around the fire The hero Beowulf comes to the aid of King Hrothgar, whose mead hall has been attacked by the monster Grendel. Beowulf tears off Grendel’s arm, but soon the hall is attacked again by the monster’s mother. After a mighty battle under the sea, Beowulf defeats her, as well. Themes: Value of courage and loyalty The importance of kingship Devotion to Christ, against the monsters and gods of the old religion 2. YouTube Playlist Barbarians # 2: Beowulf and the Anglo Saxons (first four minutes)
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3. YouTube: Playlist Barbarians #3: Beowulf in Old English (2:33) 4. YouTube Playlist Barbarians # 4: Beowulf, Opening Lines (1:54) ASIATIC BARBARIANS MONGOLS, KYRGHISTAN, CENTRAL ASIA The Tuva are a Central Asian people connected with the Mongol Empire through one of
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