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ASSIGNMENT: SOUNDING THE DIVINE 1 Program 1 - Music of the Spheres James O'Donnell travels to Greece to the site of the ancient city of Dion, in the shadow of Mount Olympus, to hear reconstructions of ancient Greek music in the Hellenic temples. What, according to the program narrator, is the relationship between Music and Worship? Where does the title, “Music of the Spheres”, come from? What did the Ancient Greeks mean by this? Why, according to the Muslim theologian, is music so important to the universe and to human beings? Nikos Ionnides at Dion, the site of Ancient Greek temples. How was music used in
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Unformatted text preview: Ancient Greek temple worship? According to Plato, what effect did Greek “modes” have on the listener? The Dorian mode? The Phyrgian and Lydian modes? The Mixolydian? What god would be worshipped with the sound of the kithara [a kind of lyre or harp] What god would be worshipped with the aulos [a kind of oboe]? The hymn that Ionnides sings and plays is an Orphic Hymn, in praise of which minor goddess? How would you describe the sound and feeling of this hymn? Has ancient Greek music completely disappeared, or does it continue? If so, how has it survived? Be specific....
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