Assignment - also do a quick search for celebrity funerals such as that for Princess Diana President Kennedy or others Since people will certainly

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YOUR FUNERAL MUSIC: ASSIGNMENT Make a list of the music you would like to have played at your funeral, and briefly describe each piece and say why you have selected it. These can be songs, selections from classical music, show tunes, instrumentals, or whatever you choose. HOWEVER: No more than two of the selections should be contemporary songs. If you’re having trouble selecting other music, check out “Sounding the Divine” program 5. You might
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Unformatted text preview: also do a quick search for celebrity funerals, such as that for Princess Diana, President Kennedy, or others. Since people will certainly want to make long speeches about how wonderful you were, you will only need about 20 to 30 minutes of music for the ceremony. If this altogether too creepy, you may plan a funeral for someone else who is currently alive – but this has to be a “real” person (historical, fictional, or a celebrity)....
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