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China - Would you say that it is democratic or elitist Or...

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ASSIGNMENTS: CHINA 1. How do the Chinese classify musical instruments? Compare this system to the system used to classify Western orchestral instruments, and to the Hornbostel- Sachs system. How are they alike? How are they different? They are classified by the material they are made of. Western classification also uses this method to classify its instruments. The Hornbostel-Sachs however, classifies them by the material that makes the sound. 2. Chinese is a tonal language . Explain what this means, and suggest what effect this has on Chinese music and singing. A language that uses tone to distinguish words. A word can have different meaning by the tone that it is given. It makes music and singing open to different interpretations. [For more info, check out www.wku.edu/~shizhen.gao/Chinese101/pinyin/tones.htm ] 3. Explain the Chinese system of the Scholar Bureaucrats. How is this similar to modern Civil Service type exams? How is it different?
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Unformatted text preview: Would you say that it is democratic, or elitist? Or some combination of the two? Explain. Scholar bureaucrats are decided by examinations given every year. Social status is decided by how well you do on the examinations. It is the same in that a position of power is given through examinations, but different in that a social hierarchy is obtained through the exams and that a greater importance is placed on them by society. It is a combination of both since anyone can obtain the position but only the best of the group of scholars are chosen. 4. How does the Ming dynasty musical, The Peony Pavilion , reflect traditional Chinese life and Confucian values? Give three examples. Scholars are treated with the upmost respect, since he is pardoned for scoring the highest. That family structure of the two, where nobles are not to be associated with the poor. The duty of respect to elders that is a Confucian value....
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